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Who Is the Problem and What Is the Solution?
| August 6, 2013

DISCLAIMER: THE CONTENT IN THIS BLOG IS FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT TO BE MISCONSTRUED AS LEGAL ADVICE! Anthony Martinez is a Litigation Discovery Expert, Consultant and Strategist.  Neither Anthony Martinez nor his firm AMA engage in the practice of law and only provide Case Management Consulting (“CMC”) and Legal Process Outsourcing Services (“LPO”) to licensed practicing attorneys.  AMA will provide public information only and will not provide any kind of advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation to a consumer about possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms or strategies.

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Everyone has been asking me what’s going on?  Where have you been?  I’ve been working my tail off and unfortunately i just haven’t had the time to write.  I am still here though and i am very much still in the fight!  I haven’t been posting blogs or doing Blog Talk Radio for a few months because I’ve been working hard on solutions that bring closure to real property issues rather than the common delay delay delay strategies only to watch the banks come back again.  I’ve been working with some really great attorney’s in related fields and I’ve decided the best way to convey information moving forward would be a combination of mostly video, some podcast and very little writing.  It’s quicker, easier and makes important information more readily accessible.  The videos I will begin doing will be topic related so look for them as a good information reference source (not to mention you’ll get to see the expression on my face when I say the profound things I say).  The video’s will be raw, unedited, no holds barred and extremely informative.

As you may or may not know, I’ve actively dedicated myself, all of my company resources and have dramatically changed my litigation support and consulting business models to effectively assist solo practitioners and small law firms in the defense of helping families stay in their homes and maintain the family unit.  While courts across the country have swayed in favor of the banks and remain focused on the money, families are being destroyed.  Couples are divorcing and most importantly, children are losing every sense of security they’ve ever known all for the value of a dollar.  For me, some things are priceless and when its comes to children, some lines just shouldn’t be crossed.  A child’s bedroom is sacred, their home is their safety net.  Statistically, divorce, teenage delinquency and overall family instability is at its highest levels ever.

Over the next few weeks I will be unveiling a battle tested program designed for families to keep kids in their homes.  I will invite some of the most well-known attorneys and industry professionals/experts in the foreclosure defense realm to sit in my conference room and vet the program.  In other words, I will seek out the best to poke holes (if any) so that once our meeting is completed, you will all know it was vetted by the best.

We are seeing some great court decisions as of late on the state court circuit level however, less that 1% of families foreclosed on are keeping their homes after foreclosure has been filed.  Sure cases are being dismissed but the banks are refilling with “new improved” paperwork and foreclosing at a much faster rate.  Delay tactics are no longer an option.  Sound, aggressive, hold their feet to the fire strategies are necessary but in the end what is the best result?  A modification well above the note face value and double if not triple the current market value of the property with a low-interest rate so your monthly payment is a couple of hundred dollars less than what you use to pay?  You will never have equity in the property and you have just agreed to be financially raped by the banks.  As much as many will try to argue that is a solution to keeping you in your home, it’s the equivalent of telling a victim of  heinous crime they were not the victim at all – it was all their fault!

Let me be clear about this, EVERY HOMEOWNER IS THE VICTIM OF ONE OF THE LARGEST FINANCIAL CRIMES EVER!!!  You are not a deadbeat and neither the housing market or financial crash was the result of you not making your mortgage payment.  Thieves do what thieves do best – they steal and they will continuing stealing until they get caught.  But let’s be clear about this, THEY DID GET CAUGHT!!!  Law enforcement caught them and more importantly, the Court’s have all been made well aware the Banks were, have been and continue to present frauds upon them.  The people have placed their trust in the courts and in law enforcement and they have failed.  I don’t say that lightly to point a finger.  I have the utmost respect for both however, facts are facts.  The judicial system has failed the people.  I would sum that up by simply saying – let’s remember that and resolve that problem when the elections come around and remove those who have failed us from their offices.

All hope is not lost and there is light at the end of the tunnel.  That light is slowly moving toward us.  For some it’s just too slow and one can only hold their breath for so long until they can’t any longer and eventually drown.  We see each other drowning each and every day.  So where do we begin?  First we begin by drawing the line in the sand and we say everyone on this side is for the cause and everyone on that side is against us.  That’s where we begin.  As it stands I doubt anyone can honestly say they can name more than 10 attorneys off the top of their heads who are the best foreclosure defense attorneys.  That said let me say this – I know everyone has paid good money to help them save their homes BUT, throwing attorneys under the bus who are trying to help but are ineffective only causes more and more attorneys to not want to practice foreclosure defense.  And given new laws and strategies are now causing foreclosures to move much faster, we need all the attorneys we can get.  The deck is stacked against anyone trying to help people keep their homes.  That’s a fact!  They run the risk of Bar complaints, AG investigations and many other repercussions that in the end make attorneys we need with us, work for the opposition.  i agree most attorneys are not well versed in how to fight this fight.  There are answers to that and soon I will introduce those answers to you all so look for it.

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  1. Very well said, Anthony. I look forward to your podcasts and most certainly to your upcoming insights into this issue. I’ve lived in Florida for over 29 years and have been a homeowner for almost 27 of those years ~ and now a bank would like that to end. Over the last 5 years I’ve watched friends and colleagues do battle and lose their homes in the same manner, and without good reason; hard-working people who have paid for a ‘roof over their heads’. Your cause is just.

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