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We Are In The Final Rounds of The Fight – Do You Still Have Any Fight Left In You?
| September 9, 2013

DISCLAIMER: THE CONTENT IN THIS BLOG IS FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT TO BE MISCONSTRUED AS LEGAL ADVICE! Anthony Martinez is a Litigation Discovery Expert, Consultant and Strategist. Neither Anthony Martinez nor his firm AMA engage in the practice of law and only provide Case Management Consulting (“CMC”) and Legal Process Outsourcing Services (“LPO”) to licensed practicing attorneys. AMA will provide public information only and will not provide any kind of advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation to a consumer about possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms or strategies. Obtain the most advanced, state of the art FEAR Declarations (False Evidence Appearing Real), Securitization and Forensic Audit Analysis Reports and Professional Loan Note Examination Analysis and Audit Reports from e-Logic Group (www.e-logicgroup.com). Sign-up today for e-Logic Group’s INTRODUCTION – HOW TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL LOAN NOTE EXAMINER. Lean more about AMA Global Group’s Reverse Debt Collection Platform and Services at www.amaglobalgroup.com. Listen to the controversial archive conversations of real property litigation with expert guests on Blog Talk Radio’s – Who Stole Your Loan Radio - Hosted by Anthony Martinez every Thursday at 8pm. Look for up and coming Webinar Events  held every Tuesday and Florida Seminar Events held every Wednesday as Anthony Martinez talks specifically about Unlawful Foreclosure Fraud, Exposing the Fraud and How to Become a Professional Loan Note Examiner in addition to advanced discovery information, tactics and strategies to the Webinar and Seminar Circuit!


This is the part of the fight where you have to dig deep… …I mean real deep into your core and give it all you got!  This fight is not just about you.  It’s about this country and the financial rape we’ve suffered.  Rape is a serious word – this I know – but I don’t use the word lightly.  I don’t take kicking children out of their bedrooms lightly.  I don’t take destroying marriages and the strength and value of the family unit lightly.  It’s easy for some attorneys to say hey, if you can’t pay your mortgage or even pay a modification you have no business keeping your home.  That’s a luxury they can afford I guess when the foreclosure flood opened up a new market for them to increase their revenue.  You want to see how true blue your attorney is to the arguments he’s raising in your pleadings, ask him if his house is underwater and if he’s still making payments or if he strategically defaulted because he’s so aware of the fraud and issues that he or she themselves can’t in good faith raise arguments for another that they won’t raise for themselves.  Sure it’s easy to point the fingers at judges and opposing counsel for the banks and the small start-up businesses trying to help people or make a difference in one form or another but how ironic is it when your attorney jumped on the foreclosure band wagon and made their own little profit?  Now I have a ton to say in defense of the many foreclosure defense attorneys out there putting in the work and helping shape the case-law being passed in favor of the victimized but this is my reminder and pass of caution to those attorneys who have forgotten how and why this all began.  Don’t make people feel any less than they should simply because in your wisdom you believe they don’t deserve their home anymore because they can’t afford the prior mortgage or current ridiculous modifications being offered if any.  It’s pretty much the equivalent of telling a rape victim they deserved it!

Well I’m here to tell every homeowner across America, YOU DIDN’T DESERVE IT!  We were all set up from the very beginning no matter how ANYONE tries to slice it, dice it and spin it to the tune of the bank mob.  I’m going to start using the term mob, financial mafia and other less pleasant referrals to banks.  The term Bank seems to still have a favorable impression.  It takes away from the crimes committed and still gives them favors.  The more we keep ignoring the egregious crime that has happened against us, like a rape victim in denial, they will do it again.  If you haven’t heard, THEY ARE SETTING UP TO DO IT AGAIN!  Just check out what they’ve been securitizing lately.  But regardless to the word on the street and the media spins, there is still hope.  The question is, as we enter these final rounds of the fight, do you still have any fight left in you?

If you can gather up the strength and courage to not back down and finish this fight giving it all you have, there are some things in play that may help.  First, stay on the blogs.  They are a good source for introducing cases and decisions across the country that we should all be paying attention to.  Other blogs are more narrative and analytical that break down certain topics and issues like securitization or motion practice like dismissal or final judgment.  I have now introduced the Professional Loan Note Examiner’s Association.  This is a training course designed specifically to achieve proper loan note examination and introduce a new business market that not only helps those currently in foreclosure but also provides some real closure to those who have already loss their homes and have suffered damages.  Loan note examination also opens a new door as a negotiation tool.  Becoming a Professional Loan Note Examiner helps attorneys and homeowners understand the real power-play used by opposing counsel for the bank mob’s argument that as long as they hold the “original” note that’s all they need.  That has been the hook, line and sinker of almost every final judgment/non-jury trial argument used.  Introduce a little document here and there, a little records custodian fairy dust and a s-called original note and WAH-LAH the mob has stolen your home from you.

As a Professional Loan Note Examiner you help establish the heightened requirement to plead and establish fraud with specificity.  You help perform a very simple yet advantageous analysis of the note that makes it difficult for any judge to ignore.

By becoming a Professional Loan Note Examiner you not only open the door for you to engage in a new business venture, you get to HELP PEOPLE!  You get to help kinds stay in their bedrooms.  You get to help keep families in the home. You get to help those that have already lost their homes bring closure to a crime they still feel victimized from.  You get to help the divorce rate.  You get to help the child delinquency rate.  You get to help kids maintain a two parent family home.

If you want to become a Professional Loan Note Examiner attend one of the Webinars to learn more if you’re not in the state of Florida.  If you are in the state of Florida come attend what many are calling one of the best Seminar Presentations of Unlawful Foreclosure Fraud and the Holder of the Note Argument they’ve ever attended!  If you are outside Florida and would like to arrange a Seminar and/or Training in your city, contact info@e-logicgroup.com and make your request.  A representative will give you more information.

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