Federal Cases


  1. I have a FDCPA case in the making can I hire you to do it for me?

  2. My case was moved from State to Federal court. I am the Plaintiff and am suing Bank of America, Bank of NY Mellon, and MERS for all of them conspiring to commit fraud. I am not in foreclosure. I spotted them creating a forged robo-signed assignment. I submitted a complaint and they submitted an order to dismiss. Now I am working on my opposition to dismiss. I demanded a jury trial. I have a facebook page called “sue your lender”. My mortgage note was fraudulently signed by robosigner Michele Sjolander, and assignment by Cynthia Santos, and notary fraud by Barbaba Gibbs. The assignment was dated four years too late to legally be in the NY trust, cwabs, 2007-12. I am in the State of PA, Legally my mortgage is null and void. I am doing this Pro Se!