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Bank of America Sued By U.S. Government – SO WHAT!!!
| August 7, 2013

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So the Wall Street Journal, as is all the media outlets, are reporting Bank of America is being slammed by the U.S. Government in a new lawsuit for mortgage backed securities fraud.  Thus far we’ve seen trillions in lawsuits against the banks only for the people to receive absolutely nothing!  Let’s face it, no one is going to jail and these settlements don’t affect anyone’s foreclosure cases.  Families are still losing their homes each and every day even though judges across the land are seeing THE BANKS COMMITTED FRAUD!  So why are judges, despite the constant media attention the Banks have committed fraud relative to mortgage backed securities, not at the very least, scrutinizing bank foreclosures?

A Bank of America spokesman said the securities in the case soured because the housing market collapsed, which wasn’t the fault of the bank.

Yes Judge, American Homeowners all jumped on the chat line the night before and said “hey all, tomorrow, let’s all stop paying our mortgages!”  That’s right your honor, American Homeowners are at the heart of the conspiracy of the housing market collapsing not wall street banks.  We the people of this great Nation went and hired the best lawyers in the game to devise a scheme that would not make us trillions but cost us trillions.  We the people did that your honor because our plan was to lose our homes, break up our families and propel our children into teenage delinquency.  That’s right your honor, we the people did that! Here’s a though your honor, if you can see past my sarcasm which I pray you don’t take personally and hold against me later when I’m being crucified by the powers that be, how about you dispense with your own personal conjecture and hear and decide cases on the merits?  Can we at least, please, pretty please, just get a fair and impartial hearing? Check out the Wall Street Journal piece on the lawsuit against Bank of America who has been on the deathwatch list for quite some time now.  The rumor is Wells Fargo may take them over.  Who knows…who cares!!!  Maybe this lawsuit will cause an additional $10.00 check to be sent out to everyone.  Sure could use a $10.00 check to go with the $300.00 check that bounced!

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