Anthony Martinez
Discovery Expert, Consultant & Strategist

Anthony Martinez is one of the top Discovey Experts in the litigation support arena and one of the most talked about Foreclosure Strategist leading the way in both floreclosure defense and litigation offense.  With over 16 years of complex litigation discovery expertise and consulting, Mr. Martinez remains a leader of advanced technology and intelligent programming solutions.  In 2008, Mr. Martinez took the foreclosure industry head on combining state of the art litigation support e-discovery technology with his Company Litigation Logic (now e-Logic) and created Anthony Martinez & Associates (“AMA”) the most advanced Legal Process Outsourcing (“LPO”) consulting firm of experts and strategist in the field of traditional discovery, advanced e-discovery, securitization audit analysis, forensic audit analysis and has worked with some of the BEST litigation attorneys throughout the country.

With time comes experience and over the past 5 years Mr. Martinez has now become one of the most sort afer webinar and seminar presenters leading him to create Discovery Tactics.  If you’re looking for the most advanced Securitization and Forensic Audit Analysis Reports contact the e-Logic today!  Follow Mr. Martinez and Discovery Tactics on Twitter today @AMAExpert and get the latest trends, cases, strategies and tactics tweets!

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