Anthony Martinez is the President & Chief Executive Officer of the high-profile and advanced electronic discovery, securitization and forensic analysis company e-Logic (www.e-logicgroup.com) (formerly Litigation Logic) and Anthony Martinez & Associates (www.amartinezlaw.com), an advanced Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) and consulting firm for high-profile civil and criminal matters.

Anthony Martinez is a highly qualified Electronic Discovery Expert with more than 16 years in-depth litigation & practice support experience within service bureaus and major law firms. He’s extremely tech savvy and is a leader at (ECA) Early Case Assessment. Mr. Martinez is one of the most sort after foreclosure defense and offense strategist who has created a sofisticated and advanced approach to loan securitization and forensic analysis.  He is an expert and professional with comprehensive knowledge of traditional discovery and advanced e-discovery, forensics and acquisition, pre-discovery and post processing strategies. In addition, Mr. Martinez is fluent with platforms such as NUIX, Attenex, CaseCentral, Electronic Evidence Discovery, Fios, Stratify and has provided services to over 45 of the top AMLAW 100 Law Firms and a great number of Fortune 500 Corporate Legal Departments throughout the United States.

Mr. Martinez is a top speaker and service provider of advanced discovery, securitization and forensic analysis solutions in foreclosure litigation.  With an extensive background in finding “smoking gun” documents and critical turnaround facts, Mr. Martinez has taken analysis and analytics to an unmatched level creating the most advanced information chain litigators need to win.  Look for upcoming Webinars and Seminars at Discovery Tactics (www.discoverytactics.com) and follow Mr. Martinez and Discovery Tactics on Twitter @AMAExpert. If you need the most advanced Securitization and Forensic Audit Analysis contact e-Logic (www.e-logicgroup.com).

Mr. Martinez has in-depth experience in high-profile and sensitive case consulting in civil and criminal litigation matters.  With the formation of Anthony Martinez & Associates, Mr. Martinez’ team focusses on expert consulting and witness testimony working and training attorneys in the most advanced defensive and offensive strategies throughout the United States.

Mr. Martinez is a true entrepreneur and very effective leader and speaker with a strong discovery background that has given him keen foresight to assess, design and implement strategic solutions. He has a talent for proactively identifying and resolving problems – reversing negative relations or revenue trends, controlling cost, automating processing work flow, maximizing productivity and delivering multi-million dollar profit increases. He has translated his talents by becoming a valuable asset to law firms and their clients being fluent in FRCP Rules 26(b)(2)(B) & 45(d)(1)(D) governing the accessibility and inaccessibility of electronic data. Some of his core strengths are in:

• FRCP Rules 26(b)(2)(B) & 45(d)(1)(D)
• Electronic Discovery Best Practices & Processes
• Data Acquisition, Forensics, Processing & Capture,
• Document Review and Production
• E-Discovery/Litigation Support Product/Application
• First-Pass Review – Document (FPR) identification of non-
responsive docs/privileged documents
• Strategic Litigation & Practice Support Department Design
• Profitability/Billing Improvement
• P&L Management
• Crisis Management & Recovery
• Cost Control Programs
• Team Leadership & Collaboration
• Cross MIS Integration & Support
• Client Negotiations & Relations

Specialties:Electronic Discovery & Forensics, Discovery Conference Preparation, Case Management Assessment

NUIX, Metalincs, Catalyst, Trident, Syngence, Attenex, Summation, Concordance, Case Logistics, iConect NXT, Concordance FYI, LiveNote, Trial Director, CaseCentral, Applied Discovery, Fios and Stratify.

Processing Applications:
IPRO Capture, eScan-It, Cricket, HardCopy Pro, NeddleFinder, Discovery Cracker, FTK and EnCase.


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