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20 Children and 6 Adults Tragically Lose Their Lives and Millions of Children and Their Parents Continue to Lose Their Homes – Are We Really Protecting Our Children?
| December 17, 2012

Heartbreak is merely a speck, a glimpse into how many of us feel.  We have to air out my feelings because if we don’t talk about it, if we don’t verbalize not just how we feel but what we know to be true, we are simply nothing more than contributors to the problem and deterrents of the solution.  There is nothing more disturbing than watching our elected officials use tragedy as an opportunity to have the camera aimed at them.  It’s horrific enough to watch evil prevail and steal the lives of innocent children.  It is disgusting, if not more disturbing, to watch our elected officials dare lay claim to how important the life of our children are while all the while keeping a blind eye to the financial institutions that have kicked children out of their bedrooms and families out of their homes.  It’s so easy to be dismissive of the crimes these financial institutions have committed when you can’t read the names or see the faces of the children who suffer the loss of the only security they know… their bedroom… their home!

CNN asks, what kind of man kills his mother, goes to the school he once attended and kills 20 children and 6 women?  I have an answer, an evil man.  Why do I say evil?  I say evil because I’m a believer in good and if I am a believer in good then I have to submit that evil does exist and in Newtown, CT, evil prevailed.  Where is the good?  It is all around Newtown right now whether they see it or not.  It is in their unity, a product of pure democracy and community.  In countries where democracy does not exist and the evils of violence unfortunately prevail, those exposed and victimized rise up in anger and seek revenge.  They beget more violence because they don’t share in unity… the resolve of peace and good, the translation of pure democracy.  The purity of democracy is a beautiful dream for Americans and in Newtown CT, it translates into a unity that transcends peace, love and a raw sense of goodness.  We all know for sure God has secured these blessed children and their 6 protectors.  God Bless all those families in Newtown CT.

So now I ask, what kind of people and government allow for millions of children and their families suffer the loss of the only security they know… their bedroom… their home!  You all want to saw the focus should be on the gun that was used in Newtown and that was where the evil lied.  And in the fraud of unlawful foreclosure, you all want to say the money is the evil that caused so many children to lose their sense of security by losing their homes but neither the gun nor the money is the root of the evil and man does.  MAN is the root.  God gave man choice and it is clear the choices man continues to make.  I’m comfortable comparing the likes of Wall Street Executives, Members of Government and more importantly the Judges, Attorneys and Bar Associations that have allowed children to suffer all across this Nation because of fraudulent foreclosures to the killer that snuffed the lives of 20 children.  You are all responsible for snuffing out the lives of so many children and families who continually suffer each and every day because of your acts.  Let me be more clear.

Every Court (Judge) across this country are the law the people rely upon to protect them.  You all allowed the money conglomerates to come into your domain and flat-out lie, fabricate documents and steal the life security fostered by parents for their children.  You (Judges) continually fail at your position to remain impartial and decide cases on the merits.  You (Judges) continue to ignore the rules of evidence and allow fabricated unauthenticated documents which you know to magically created for the sole purpose of stealing a home.  You (Judges) failed to educate yourselves enough about securitization and the secondary market to gain a greater understanding of how this national robbery was being committed.  You (Judges) allowed for foreclosure mill attorneys to come into your domain and file false and fabricated documents like Assignment of Mortgages and Deeds of Trust, Affidavits, Verification etc. and You (Attorneys) did it knowing it was false, misleading and fraudulent.  And You (the Bar Association) continually allow these foreclosure mill law firms to commit these types of acts but have no problem looking to disbar solo practitioners and small firms - the only defenders for the homeowner.  You ask any defense attorney and they will tell you the same thing - all they want is an impartial judge who will hear the facts, receive the evidence and decide the case on the merits.

For years now we’ve fought and watched the government do nothing – absolutely nothing – in the way of criminal charges against wall street even though we see settlement after settlement in the billions for wrong doing.  Clearly the government is not adamant about safeguarding our children.  How can they be when millions continue to suffer?  What is the psychological effect of a child that loses their bedroom?  It is our job to protect our children but how can we when the government allows us to be abused for value of a dollar?  A nation of dreams and homeowners turned to a nation of emptiness and renters.  Nothing permanent, everything temporary.  The security of the people has slipped away into the night.  The lives and futures of our children are in jeopardy.  Let’s take the focus off the real issues and talk about gun control.  Yes that’s what’s going to give our children a safer and brighter future.


  1. Mars Foreclosure FIX

    Great Expression of the Realities !!


  2. So far every topic I have opened and read makes me love you more!. Bravo, you not only speak the truth, you have a great heart along with that open mind.

    For all the money handed to the banks, all the bonuses, all the buy outs of smaller banks.
    We could have secured families and their homes. That would have produced the best footing for all of us!

    Instead we have entire neighborhoods reeling form the foreclosure epidemic. We have up rooted families livelihoods and community stability.

    The corrupt keep on corrupting as evident with the proposed settlement made with HSBC by our system of law?
    HSBC who states they are exiting this country for greener pastures. Leaving so many in ruins.

    God bless, take time to reflect this holiday season. We are here and we are still talking about the injustices maybe that helps us keep those less fortunate on the forefront to some extent. Myself, we are barely hanging on with two young girls. I do feel fortunate we are still together under one roof, we call home.

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